I’m summerborn. I’ve always enjoyed my summers since they included the annual family trip to visit my father’s side of the family. On the homestead my Great Granddad and my namesake Anthony Tyson sowed, planted and harvested. This morning I came to a sudden realization that my favourite season isn’t the summer after all nor is it for the memories I’ve shared with countless family and friends.

This morning I got up bright eyed and bushy tailed (I’m not a squirrel – Ms. Emmadale does not like squirrels). This weekend I’m looking after my Uncle’s Black Labrador Retriever Toby since they’ve gone out of town. I love it when he spends the night over at my place. You see, Ms. Emmadale isn’t the snugly type usually. She is the Lady Protector of the night and has to stand her watch upstairs to ensure her hewmons are safe. So I was up at 7:30 am, 6 hours cut from my regular Saturday routine…

It was worth getting up at that time. I fed the dogs breakfast and went about my morning routine. I usually take the dogs for their walk before around half past 10 o’clock in the AM. I put on my Doctor Who scarf that my best friend K knitted for me as a belated birthday gift and put on my fleece. Poured another coffee in my tumbler mug and I was off with the dogs.

I love that morning Autumn dew that freshens the day and how you take in a deep breathe to fill your lungs you can taste it. The leaves turn shades of many colours that give you a beautiful contrast. The leaves on the path that ripple underneath your feet. Seeing leaves fall to the ground giving you a new hope and for an early spring. I love how the temperature is a just right crisp cold.

What does Autumn mean to me? Family. Thanksgiving. Pumpkins. And of course something of significant importance: pie. I love pie but I also love my family. Also? Turkey. Turkey is like the best thing ever. It’s like a chicken but sooooo much better and it gobbles!

And that is what I love about Autumn. What about you?

5 thoughts on “Autumn

  1. As much as I dislike the end of summer… I couldn’t agree more that Autumn brings good memories, and a general warm-fuzzy feeling. I am sure in your case, the presence of Toby blissfully smooths the transition!

    What is your favorite kind of pie? I personally am nuts about Tourtiere for dinner, and Pecan pie for dessert. I’ve never had the two consecutively. Come to think of it, if I did, my head might explode from bliss.

    …Plus, who can dislike a season marked by the availability of… drumroll.. CANDY CORN!!!!!!!!!!

    • I’ll always will and always have been a fan of summer. Autumn only this year has become a favourite season. Yes Toby and Emma are both beautiful to watch in the fall amongst the turncoat leaves!

      My favourite kind of pie is pecan too! Although apple is a very close second. For a meal I guess chicken or beef pot. I haven’t had a lot of dinner/meal-oriented pies in my experience to have a favourite of certainty! What’s a tourtiere?

      You know? I’ve *never* actually had candy corn before. I may need to remedy this.

  2. Tourtiere is French Canadian meat pie. It is a mix of a few spices, pork, beef, and onions. And OH MY GOD is it good!!!!!!! Somehow I think you’d be an easy convert. 😉

    YOU’VE NEVER HAD CANDY CORN?!?!??!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    My head just exploded. You haven’t lived until you have tasted its sweet nectar…

    • I’m pretty sure I can jump onto the tourtiere bandwagon! Are there any places in the Lower Mainland that makes it from scratch? Maybe we should go for dinner sometime!

      I’VE NEVER HAD CANDY CORN EVER. Seriously, you probably think I live under a rock! Lol. I hope you can put your head back together!

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