My 2012 in review


I started up my blog and promised to write more (oops). I got extremely addicted to Minecraft (thank you James) and built a lot of cool stuff.. I wrote my a blog post on my opinions about shootouts in NHL ice hockey.I tried throwing a contest but no one entered (cue waterworks)… I wrote my first blog post about a television series finale.. I think the show was called Chuck?


I met the owner and nephew of Internet Airedale celebrity Sunshade. Sunshade’s mom was an excellent source of Airedale Terrier info. Not to mention I absolutely adored Jaffa. We are like totally best friends now… I also debated about getting a tattoo… I haven’t really decided on what to get yet…


I picked up the third game of the Mass Effect epic trilogy. I made a funny picture for it. I also blogged about my opinions about the game too. My first dive into video game reviewing.


I tried doing a 2012 playoff hockey pool but no one seemed interest in doing it with me. I wrote a blog post about my 2012 NHL playoff predictions, boy how I was off the charts… I wrote another ice hockey related post in response to my friend’s post. Yeah.. I’m a dork, so what? I wrote a heartfelt blog post about a beautiful dog named Cisco being killed by a policeman in my adoptive hometown of Austin, Texas *tears*. 


I participated in a experiment conducted by friend, Madman Matt (teehee). 


I watched a lot of UEFA Euro Cup football. And I made some predictions. More predictions and again. I wrote a very angry blog post on dog owners that don’t pick up their dogs shit.


I went to Saskatchewan and since I didn’t have access to WiFi or 3G there I wrote a bunch of hilarious tweets. I posted a poem that my great grandpa Anthony Tyson wrote when he was a teenager before he immigrated to Canada from England. Emmadale and I I also happened to meet Miles and Emma of Miles And Emma internet fame! It was great to meet a fellow terrier adorer :). (Emma also found herself legs deep in a duck pond but don’t tell her I wrote about it.) I also posted a coffee soda recipe of my own.


I wrote a blog post about my experiences with the breed of dog I love. I know I didn’t blog about it but I also gained employment the week of my 27th birthday. I finally got a job in an industry I love: my first job as a production assistant in the film industry here in Vancouver. 


I wrote a blog post about my bucket list. My grandfather passed away at the end of the month. It was really hard.


I really wanted to write a blog post about my granddad. My granddad was also a huge dog lover and an admirer and lover of Airedale Terriers. So I found it fitting to talk about him and his love for the breed. And why I probably love them too. 🙂 I boycotted the NBC for about a month after they placed the television show Community on indefinite hiatus (this has now changed – all due to ME! lol…) I also discovered that Autumn is my favourite season of the year. I also did a gamer charity on behalf of the Children Miracle Network Hospitals and BC Children’s Hospital – I’m totally doing that again!

Sadly I stopped blogging much between October and now. Not a whole lot has happened in my life worth reporting. I do hope that I continue to blog again. How should I keep interest.

OH! OH! OH! There is one thing I forgot to mention to all of you is that we are looking after an Airedale Terrier puppy! We maybe keeping him but we aren’t too sure yet. I got to name him though! His name is Archer. I love him preciously. Emmadale loves him too! 😀

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