Spoilers; How We Hate Thee

Entertainment is a major part of our postmodernist culture. It has become entwined with our daily lives from the television shows we regularly watch to the movies we see at the theatre. However our entertainment experience has changed in the last six years with the introduction of social media phenomena. Facebook and Twitter have given us a new medium to meet new people all over the world that love the same television program or new blockbuster film.

I have enjoyed my experience meeting new people who love the same shows and movies as I do. However there’s one thing that really peeves me and that’s people who tweet or update their Facebook Update with spoilers – running the show or movie that I haven’t seen lately. I have unfollowed people because of it. Regretfully, I have to admit that I have been responsible for spoiling stuff as well.

Not to mention due to other ways to watch such as streaming via Netflix or other such services

What is a spoiler?

When someone reveals an unknown aspect of something which you likely would have rather learned on your own.

I believe that this should be adopted by everyone:

Television series: They must be airing their most recent season. You have seventy-two hours (three days) to catch up with the rest of the world. If you aren’t going to watch the show within three days you most likely won’t watch it if you have more than

Film: Not a lot of people go see a movie at the midnight premiere or get advanced tickets. Nor do a lot of people go opening weekend. If they are a blockbuster film (such as Iron Man 3, Star Trek Into Darkness and (sadly) Fast & Furious, etc) the spoiler free zone is eight days. However if the movie is not a popular films such as recent release Scientologist propagandistic bullshit After Earth then it’s just three days like television shows.

Video games: Yes, you can spoil a video game storyline as well. If its a blockbuster the same goes with film, eight days. If it’s not going to sell a bajillion copies follow the television method of three days.

Books: You read books…? NERD!! Kidding… I read books too and there’s no shame in being a nerd! Books are a lot different than video games, movies and television shows. They can be very simple to overtly complex. It takes me quite a while to read a book. A month on average. I say the spoiler free zone in this case is three weeks tops. But if the book has been out for over thirteen years like the third book of George R.R. Martin’s A Song of Ice & Fire A Storm of Swords (which the third season of Game of Thrones is currently based on) then you are out of luck.

Books in visual media: If your favourite book becomes a television series or a movie or maybe even a video game, please for the love of The Mother (teeheehee) follow what I’ve written above. I know I was snarky to a few people to their reactions to the Red Wedding event that partook in last Sunday’s episode of GoT but I am sure that I didn’t spoil it for anyone. If I did, I’m sorry. But please wait three days or the eight if it is an actual blockbusters because your fellow fans will love you for it.

This is the Anth Spoiler Scale Guide. If you have a better idea, post in the comments!

What are your thoughts on my idea for spoilers?

4 thoughts on “Spoilers; How We Hate Thee

  1. I do mostly agree with this. I spoiled a big plot point in The Walking Dead an hour after the episode and I felt bad about it — it was definitely offside (it was Merle getting zombified — spoiler).

    On the other hand, I resent the idea that I’m not allowed to discuss things that other people haven’t seen. Remember that episode of Seinfeld where they taped the game and had to spend the day avoiding spoilers about it? The onus should be on the fool who couldn’t find an hour to watch it (especially on a SUNDAY.)

    When I neglect to watch a show (ie, Breaking Bad, The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones), I avoid twitter and Facebook until I do. Why? Because it’s common sense.

    • I use Tweetbot on my iPhone/iPad so I can mute the hashtags people watch for the shows so I can avoid possible spoilers. Because common sense. I get annoyed when people do not use them or the proper hashtag.

  2. I just avoid social media if I don’t want to know. But as a general rule, I don’t mind spoilers. I’ve had very vague comments that people have said, “Stop spoiling.” (not you, others). It’s really a no-win situation. It will drive you crazy to try to please everyone’s rules on what exactly is a spoiler. You try to be considerate, but if I’m having a conversation with an @ person and we are talking about it, I can’t wonder how many of my followers are their followers and might see it. And if someone unfollows because of it, I understand.

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