Anth’s Oscars Predictions

I haven’t been writing a lot lately so I thought I’d make some predictions for the 85th Academy Awards that are being held this Sunday evening. I don’t watch them since I can’t stand award shows but I do particularly care about this one in particular.

Please note, * denotes if I haven’t seen the film

Best Director – Alfonso Cuaron, Gravity

Best Animated Feature – Frozen *

Best Costume Design – 12 Years A Slave *

Best Visual Effects – Gravity

Best Make Up & Hairstyling – Dallas Buyers Club

Best Film Editing –  Dallas Buyers Club

Best Cinematography – Gravity

Best Production Design – The Great Gatsby *

Best Sound Mixing – Lone Survivor

Best Sound Editing – Gravity

Best Original Song – Happy by Pharrell Williams for Despicable Me 2

Best Original Score – Gravity

Best Writing — Adapted Screenplay – 12 Years A Slave *

Best Writing — Original Screenplay – Her *

Best Supporting Actress – Jennifer Lawrence, American Hustle *

Best Supporting Actor – Jared Leto, Dallas Buyers Club

Best Actress – Judi Dench, Philomena *

Best Actor – Matthew McConaughey, Dallas Buyers Club

And now ladies and gentlemen… Anth predicts for Best Picture . . . 

Dallas Buyers Club

Man of Steel 2, Squared

I blogged last year on my two cents about Ben Affleck being casted as the iconic Bruce Wayne/Batman character in the Man of Steel sequel. They were so wrong.  The only casting news I was pleased for this feature so far was Gal Gadot being casted as Wonder Woman. Out of the three women in the running, the Director made the right call.

They’ve casted Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor and Jeremy Irons as Bruce Wayne’s butler Alfred Pennyworth.

Lex Luthor

I realize that Director Zac Synder’s envision for Superman vs Batman that Lex Luthor and Clark Kent/Superman are of the relative same age and possibly grew up together in Smallville, Kansas. I’ve always viewed him more of a much older man who’s hellbent on ruling the World.

If I was directing I would have actually chosen Jeremy Irons for this role. I’ve always loved it when Irons plays a baddie.

Alfred Pennyworth

I really wanted to see Patrick Stewart as Alfred Pennyworth it’s been so long since I heard Jeremy Irons speak in his native English accent.

Man of Steel sequel, Batman re-casted

By now you probably all know that Bruce Wayne/Batman has been re-casted for the upcoming Christopher Nolan produced and Zac Synder directed Man of Steel sequel Superman Versus Batman/Batman Versus Superman. Synder/Nolan has chosen American actor Ben Affleck to replace Christian Bale in the iconic role of our beloved Cape Crusader.

I’m not too pleased to hear about this news. I am not the biggest fan of his in dramatic roles. I have tried to warm up to his acting. Don’t get me wrong, Ben is a great emerging filmmaker and director. Albeit the historical inaccuracies of the Academy Award winner Argo. I have enjoyed him in Kevin Smith’s View Askewverse films, especially in Chasing Amy.

I will still see the upcoming sequel to Man of Steel to see where they take it. We’ll have to see. I am not happy with the sequel’s production moving to Toronto. Wished it would have stayed here in Vancouver.

These are the following three people that I would have loved to see play Bruce Wayne/Batman.

Josh Holloway

The LOST alum could play a great Batman in a slightly more laid back film. Upon further reflection I don’t know if he’d make a great fit for Bruce Wayne/Batman.

Jim Caviezel 

Or however you spell his last name. If you are a fan of Person of Interest, you will probably say to yourself more than a couple of times that this guy was born to play Batman. He’s pretty badass as John. Make it happen, Twentieth Century Fox Studios!

Christian Bale

An awesome idea? Yeah, pull that guy from his toes out of the house if you have to. I have warmed up to him being Batman after the Dark Knight Trilogy and I really don’t want to see the role go to a guy like Ben Affleck.

And for Alfred if he makes an appearance?

Cast Sir Stew (Patrick Stewart). Just make it fucking so!

Spoilers; How We Hate Thee

Entertainment is a major part of our postmodernist culture. It has become entwined with our daily lives from the television shows we regularly watch to the movies we see at the theatre. However our entertainment experience has changed in the last six years with the introduction of social media phenomena. Facebook and Twitter have given us a new medium to meet new people all over the world that love the same television program or new blockbuster film.

I have enjoyed my experience meeting new people who love the same shows and movies as I do. However there’s one thing that really peeves me and that’s people who tweet or update their Facebook Update with spoilers – running the show or movie that I haven’t seen lately. I have unfollowed people because of it. Regretfully, I have to admit that I have been responsible for spoiling stuff as well.

Not to mention due to other ways to watch such as streaming via Netflix or other such services

What is a spoiler?

When someone reveals an unknown aspect of something which you likely would have rather learned on your own.

I believe that this should be adopted by everyone:

Television series: They must be airing their most recent season. You have seventy-two hours (three days) to catch up with the rest of the world. If you aren’t going to watch the show within three days you most likely won’t watch it if you have more than

Film: Not a lot of people go see a movie at the midnight premiere or get advanced tickets. Nor do a lot of people go opening weekend. If they are a blockbuster film (such as Iron Man 3, Star Trek Into Darkness and (sadly) Fast & Furious, etc) the spoiler free zone is eight days. However if the movie is not a popular films such as recent release Scientologist propagandistic bullshit After Earth then it’s just three days like television shows.

Video games: Yes, you can spoil a video game storyline as well. If its a blockbuster the same goes with film, eight days. If it’s not going to sell a bajillion copies follow the television method of three days.

Books: You read books…? NERD!! Kidding… I read books too and there’s no shame in being a nerd! Books are a lot different than video games, movies and television shows. They can be very simple to overtly complex. It takes me quite a while to read a book. A month on average. I say the spoiler free zone in this case is three weeks tops. But if the book has been out for over thirteen years like the third book of George R.R. Martin’s A Song of Ice & Fire A Storm of Swords (which the third season of Game of Thrones is currently based on) then you are out of luck.

Books in visual media: If your favourite book becomes a television series or a movie or maybe even a video game, please for the love of The Mother (teeheehee) follow what I’ve written above. I know I was snarky to a few people to their reactions to the Red Wedding event that partook in last Sunday’s episode of GoT but I am sure that I didn’t spoil it for anyone. If I did, I’m sorry. But please wait three days or the eight if it is an actual blockbusters because your fellow fans will love you for it.

This is the Anth Spoiler Scale Guide. If you have a better idea, post in the comments!

What are your thoughts on my idea for spoilers?

Man of Steel

For me this summer blockbusters began with Iron Man 3 then Star Trek Into Darkness (which I’ve seen three times in theaters and planning on seeing it for the fourth time). Now the third blockbuster of the summer on my list is hitting theaters in over a week, Man of Steel.

Here is the most recent trailer!

Who wants to go see it with me?

Anth’s Oscar Predictions

I haven’t been writing a lot lately so I thought I’d make some predictions for the 85th Academy Awards that are being held this Sunday evening. I don’t watch them since I can’t stand award shows but I do particularly care about this one in particular.

Please note, * denotes if I haven’t seen the film

Best Director – Ang Lee, Life of Pi * 

Best Animated Feature – Wreck-It Ralph

Best Costume Design – Les Miserables *

Best Visual Effects – The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

Best Make Up & Hairstyling – The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

Best Film Editing – Lincoln *

Best Cinematography – Skyfall

Best Production Design – The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

Best Sound Mixing – Skyfall

Best Sound Editing – Zero Dark Thirty *

Best Original Song – Skyfall by Adele for Skyfall

Best Original Score – Life of Pi

Best Writing — Adapted Screenplay – Silver Linings Playbook *

Best Writing — Original Screenplay – Flight *

Best Supporting Actress – Sally Field, Lincoln *

Best Supporting Actor – Alan Arkin, Argo

Best Actress – Jessica Chastain, Zero Dark Thirty *

Best Actor – Hugh Jackman, Les Miserables *

And now ladies and gentlemen… Anth predicts for Best Picture . . . 



Django Unchained

Star Trek Into Darkness Trailer

I’m here today to talk to you about the upcoming Star Trek Into Darkness. JJ Abram’s sequel to his 2009 reboot of the Star Trek franchise. I have just recently watched the Superbowl advertisement. OKAY, I’ve watched it quite a lot in the last hour.

I’m pretty stoked for this movie. It has Benjamin Cumberlatch. Yes, that’s the only reason you need to go see this movie. Benjamin Cumberlatch. Who is he playing? John Harrison. Who is John Harrison in the World of Star Trek? No he’s not Khan (KHAAAAN!!) nor is he Gary Mitchell.

In the trailers it seems that John Harrison may in fact know Kirk & Co. He could be based on the character “Harrison” who made several appearances in minor roles. That’s all we know.

Who else is excited for this movie? A show of hands? I am… *raises hand*