Wanna be a Canucks fan?

In response to: So you want to be a Canucks fan? on Brown to Bure.

Dave – someone I’ve met on Twitter has written an excellent guide on joining the Vancouver Canucks bandwagon. We’re pretty much open to everyone joining our team’s cause. However, I think he’s missed one key point.

DO NOT broadcast the team that you cheer for on the regular season, especially if they’re the Toronto Maple Leafs. Although the same can be said for the following teams as well: the Minnesota Wild, the Calgary Flames and the Edmonton Oilers because we all know that the longtime rivalry between our teams isn’t going to be suspended for the Stanley Cup Playoffs.

Yes, we’re thrilled that you are cheering for our team on in the playoffs. We just like to poke  check. It’s fucking fun.

You should also bookmark Brown to Bure, if your a new or old fan. Dave does blog about insightful things about our team. And who knows, you may actually learn something. I certainly have.


Stanley Is Coming

The NHL 2011 – 2012 NHL Season has come to an end (at least abruptly for the Maple Leafs and their fans – better luck next year?). The Canucks have won their second consecutive President’s Trophy and I was there when they clinched the 2-point 3-0 win over the Oilers. I was glad to be there in person as a fan and a lover of the sport and the team.

I’m pleased that the Canucks’ season continues on into the playoffs and I’m confident that our team will advance to the Final series. To twist the words of the Stark clan, “Stanley Is Coming”. This cup will grace our city once again and be awarded to the greatest team in the league!

Here are my predictions for Round 1 of the 2012 NHL Playoffs:

Eastern Conference

  • In favour of the New York Rangers over the Ottawa Senators in five.
  • In favour of the Washington Capitals over the Boston Bruins in seven.
  • In favour of the New Jersey Devils over the Florida Panthers in seven.
  • In favour of the Philadelphia Flyers over the Pittsburgh Penguins in seven.

Western Conference

  • In favour of the Vancouver Canucks over the Los Angeles Kings in six.
  • In favour of the St. Louis Blues over the San Jose Sharks in seven.
  • In favour of the Chicago Blackhawks over the Phoenix Coyotes in six.
  • In favour of the Detroit Red Wings over the Nashville Predators in seven.

And there we have it Vancouver. Are you ready to commit regicide?! DOWN WITH THE KING!

Also are you interested in joining a Playoff Pool? Please hit me up for deats on Facebook or Twitter! Or in the comments!

My First Contest

Hello everyone, it’s me again. It’s time to dribble a few words together.

I’m holding my first contest.

What is it Anth? You ask yourself while I stroke my very fine nasal hairs.

Well, my friend. I need an about page and I hate talking about myself.

So this is the contest. You write a witty bio within 160 characters for my Twitter account. I’ll treat you to a coffee and an interview so you can write my about page.

Sounds good? Good.

The fine print: Please reply with your submissions in comment form. You’ll instantly be disqualified if you do not reside in the City of Vancouver (BC) and surrounding communities. I only can afford to pay for coffee and not extensive trips to your tropical retreat in Bahamas. If you don’t want the prize and still want to write a ridiculous “About Me” thing. I’ll allow it. I love a good joke. Points if I piss myself laughing.

Are you in? Are you ready to compete? Because it’s getting hawt in here.

Now I’m just ramblin’ a-long like a mad man that I am…

New Blog; To New Beginnings

My domain has expired so I’ve decided to move on to WordPress.com. I’ve only kept one blog post that I hold dearly to my heart about a pet that I’ve lost whom I shall forever cherish for the rest of my existence.

I’m not quite sure what I’ll be blogging about. I’m pretty sure I’ll cover a variety of subjects from my opinions on current events to rambling about how dirty the Boston Bruins play ice hockey. I’m sure here and there I’ll compare Stephen Harper to that of a persistent cold sore on your lower bottom lip that you’ve probably think it’s full on mouth herpes.

I’ll probably also make announcements such as winning tickets to a sporting event (Vancouver Canucks or even the Vancouver Whtiecaps) to what I’ve eaten at the Cosca Restaurant or at the HogShack (Oh Shit! I can’t forget to mention NOVO Pizzeria (Mmm Meatballs..) or La Belle Patate (Ohhh come to me poutine!)).

What else was I gonna say? Oh, right… there’s beer in the fridge… Later, folks!