2013 In Review

The majority of this post contains information that I blogged about throughout 2013. I may have included additional in real life tidbits that haven’t been mentioned previously.


I reviewed the Last Resort series finale. I still think it is one of my favourite television series from the 2012-2013 television season. I wrote a couple of blog posts regarding the #SaveBCFIlm campaign, here and here.


I made predictions on who would win what for the Oscars. I got Best Director, Best Sound Editing and Best Original Score correct. I plan on doing them again.


The family adopted an Airedale Terrier named Archer (finally)! He’s my little rabble rousin’ shit disturber but I love him for it. Emmadale and him get along famously. I’ve nicknamed him Archer the Turduckendale. MMmmmm… Turducken…

I also went in to write my permittee exam for the director’s guild. I didn’t pass it on the first attempt.


I read my favourite novel of 2013, A Dog’s Purpose by W. Bruce Cameron. I even wrote a review about it. I would also read the sequel and the series’ conclusion later in the year titled A Dog’s Journey. Both are really great reads. I have several other novels on my shelf by the same author that I haven’t gotten around to reading yet.

In April I began my annual Stanley Cup prediction series Stanley Is Coming. I think it’ll be making a return this year. Maybe if the Canucks even make the playoffs?


I wrote an opinion piece on posting spoilers on social media and what the etiquette should be. Someone even mostly agreed with me. If they fully agreed with me, the fabric of space-time continuum would have been torn into oblivion. Looking at you James!

I also wrote about who should replace Matt Smith as The Doctor on the hit television series Doctor Who. I suggested John Hurt, Wil Wheaton, Alex Kingston, Lenora Crichlow, but I really wanted Patrick Stewart (make it fucking so!). But ultimately the role went to Peter Capaldi.

I also made my second trip to Seattle, Washington to watch my Vancouver Whitecaps FC play the Seattle Sounders FC. Sadly the Caps would lose but I still had a great time with friends.

I also loss a schoolmate and good friend. I’ll miss him.


I was super busy with work but I got my first tattoo! Ready to see it? This is it! my tattoo


It represents the three things that I love: Airedale Terriers, Metro-Vancouver and the Vancouver Canucks. No regerts (hahahahahaha!)…


At the beginning of August I trekked to Portland, Oregon to catch the Vancouver Whitecaps FC on the road against the Portland Timbers. They would lose on the road but I had so much fun! I got to drink a lot of craft beer! See a dear good friend and meet his family. Also gotta see Star Trek in the Park! Sadly, I didn’t get to go to Voodoo Doughnuts or Big Ass Sandwich but my friend and I are going again in 2014, so I’ll make sure I get to check those places out. 

Also after the game, a moron from Calgary, Alberta (cheering for the Portland Timbers) came over to our table – my friends and I were minding our own business, having a couple pieces of pizza and he red cards us all. What a wanker! We all gave him a hard time from being from Alberta. What a tool.

I also blogged about the tattoo I got above. Oops, forgot about that

I rewrote that permittee exam for the guild and passed! Yahoo!!!

I also signed up for Extra Life 2013.

I also wrote a blog post about who should replace Christian Bale as the Dark Knight and not Ben Affleck.

I also went to Penny Arcade Expo 2013 and had a lot of fun! 


I more than doubled my $300 goal for Extra Life in 2013 and plan on doing it again in 2014. I am so pleased with myself and many other Extra Lifers who raised estimate $4 million USD for Children Miracle Network Hospitals across North America. Here in British Columbia we raised an estimate $57,000 for BC Children’s Hospital. I am so happy.


I got an Xbox One and wrote my second ever video game review for Ryse: Son of Rome. I think I may do it more often.

Christmas was good. It was small, just family. I miss my Granddad. Miss you Granddad. Christmas, just isn’t the same without you.


Man of Steel sequel, Batman re-casted

By now you probably all know that Bruce Wayne/Batman has been re-casted for the upcoming Christopher Nolan produced and Zac Synder directed Man of Steel sequel Superman Versus Batman/Batman Versus Superman. Synder/Nolan has chosen American actor Ben Affleck to replace Christian Bale in the iconic role of our beloved Cape Crusader.

I’m not too pleased to hear about this news. I am not the biggest fan of his in dramatic roles. I have tried to warm up to his acting. Don’t get me wrong, Ben is a great emerging filmmaker and director. Albeit the historical inaccuracies of the Academy Award winner Argo. I have enjoyed him in Kevin Smith’s View Askewverse films, especially in Chasing Amy.

I will still see the upcoming sequel to Man of Steel to see where they take it. We’ll have to see. I am not happy with the sequel’s production moving to Toronto. Wished it would have stayed here in Vancouver.

These are the following three people that I would have loved to see play Bruce Wayne/Batman.

Josh Holloway

The LOST alum could play a great Batman in a slightly more laid back film. Upon further reflection I don’t know if he’d make a great fit for Bruce Wayne/Batman.

Jim Caviezel 

Or however you spell his last name. If you are a fan of Person of Interest, you will probably say to yourself more than a couple of times that this guy was born to play Batman. He’s pretty badass as John. Make it happen, Twentieth Century Fox Studios!

Christian Bale

An awesome idea? Yeah, pull that guy from his toes out of the house if you have to. I have warmed up to him being Batman after the Dark Knight Trilogy and I really don’t want to see the role go to a guy like Ben Affleck.

And for Alfred if he makes an appearance?

Cast Sir Stew (Patrick Stewart). Just make it fucking so!

My First Tattoo

It has been over three weeks since I walked into that parlour. At first I wast angst sitting on the couch in the waiting area simply waiting for my appointment. I wouldn’t lie that I thought several times just to leave the parlour and everything would be all right. I have heard mix feelings about getting tattoos.

Some people fear-mongered about them. That they hurt, that they are like a million needles, et cetera. I have heard all of them. Then there were friends that said they didn’t hurt and were more therapeutic.

In the end I went through with it. I have been contemplating getting one for the past decade since I entered adulthood.  I sat and waited. I got into the chair at 3:30PM. I told the artist that this is my first one. He was pretty understanding.

It took about an hour and twenty-five minutes. It wasn’t an ordeal either. At first it hurt like a sonofabitch in the first path hour. Then I realized it wasn’t that bad and eased up. I even joked around with the artists and the other patrons. Comradery. I was amongst fellow enthusiasts and I was only getting my first ink done.

The Tattoo Itself

Image The tattoo is pretty important to me in what it symbolizes. It contains the three things that I love the most: Airedale Terriers, the Canucks, and Vancouver (City and Metro Vancouver).  

The Design

Designed by a friend of mine. The design is based on the Johnny Canuck shoulder emblem of the Vancouver Canucks jersey.


So what do you guys think?

Stanley Is Coming Revisited Pt. II

Eastern Conference Quarterfinals Review

  • The Pittsburgh Penguins win the best of six against the New York Islanders. Predicted a sweep for the Penguins over the Isles. Fail.
  • The Ottawa Senators upset the favoured Montreal Canadiens in the best of five. Predicted the Canadians in the best of seven. Fail.
  • New York Rangers beat the New York Rangers in the best of seven as predicted. Winning!
  • In favour of the Boston Bruins over the Toronto Maple Leafs in the best of seven. Winning!

Western Conference Quarterfinals Review

  • The Chicago Blackhawks beat the Minnesota Wild in the best of five. Predicted a sweep for the Blackhawks. Fail.
  • The Detroit Red Wings win the best of seven against the Anaheim Ducks as predicted. Winning!
  • The Los Angeles Kings win the best of seven against the St. Louis Blues. Predicted St. Louis in seven. Fail.
  • San Jose Assholes.. I meant Sharks… beat the Canucks in the only playoff sweep so far. Fail.

Eastern Conference Semifinals

  • In favour of the Pittsburgh Penguins over the Ottawa Senators in five.
  • In favour of the New York Rangers over the Boston Bruins in seven.

Western Conference Semifinals

  • In favour of the Chicago Blackhawks over the Detroit Red Wings in six.
  • In favour of the Los Angeles Kings over  the San Jose Sharks in seven.

Statistics Report

  • I have successfully predicted the outcome of three series.
  • I have successfully chosen five teams to advance  to the semifinals.
  • I have successfully chosen three teams to be defeated in the first round

Stanley Is Coming Revisited Pt. I

The 2013 NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs are now underway. I made some predictions for the first round last year which were disastrous. My prediction rate isn’t the best but it isn’t exactly a science to it like visiting a fortune teller… So I am going to do the same this year and stick with it…

Eastern Conference

  • In favour of the Pittsburgh Penguins over the New York Islanders in a sweep of four.
  • In favour of the Montreal Canadiens over the Ottawa Senators in the best of seven.
  • In favour of the New York Rangers over the Washington Capitals in the best of seven.
  • In favour of the Boston Bruins over the Toronto Maple Leafs in the best of seven.

Western Conference

  • In favour of the Chicago Blackhawks over the Minnesota Wild in a sweep of four. (Suck it Koivu!)
  • In favour of the Detroit Red Wings over the Anaheim Ducks in the best of seven.
  • In favour of the St. Louis Blues over the Los Angeles Kings in the best of seven.
  • In favour of the Vancouver Canucks over the San Jose Sharks in the best of seven.

Save BC Film Continues…

BC NDP leader Adrian Dix was in Los Angeles meeting with production company executives on why they choose British Columbia for filming: it’s our world-class film crews and our locations. In British Columbia, production companies only receive 33% in payroll and labour costs.Any production accountant and production manager will choose the cheaper option and have their production filmed in Toronto or Montreal. The film industry is a multi-billion dollar industry here in British Columbia, commercial and other industries depend on the film industry.

Yet the premier doesn’t believe that’s the case. She says it’s not “sustainable” for our economy… Wait? How is it not sustainable when film brings in more business where they spend quite a lot of money? Not to mention local municipalities get extra revenue streams for charging film productions location fees.

Adrian Dix hasn’t said anything on what an NDP government would do. It’s pretty frustrating when politicians are politicizing people’s jobs. No one has came forward with an answer.

Come on Adrian and Christy!

Emmadale & Anth Adventures: The Duck Pond & Friends

Emmadale and I went on an adventure to the Granville Island area in Vancouver today. We met up with a friend and her Welsh Terrier Miles for a play date. You can find our friends Miles and (Other Emma) at their blog here (Other Emma took the photographs :).  We were walking near the duck pond. Emma wanted to take a closer look and fell in. She walked in a few feet into the pond turned around and then froze.

Emmadale found herself in the duck pond smiling. Then she got a little worried! (Photograph by Emma of MilesAndEmma.com)

She was so scared. She only would move a few inches. So I kicked off my shoes, pulled off my sucks, hiked up my pants and walked in. Valiantly (if I can say so) I moved through the water closer and took her by the leash. She didn’t want to move so I picked her up and carried her out of the water.

Emma thrilled that she’s no longer stressed out in the water. Such a good girl!

She was so relieved when she came to shore that she bulldozed me. I tried taking her to a clean waterfall to rinse her off but she wouldn’t have it. I let her go and off she went playing with her Welshie buddy. She’s too cute.

Miles and Emmadale introduce themselves (Photograph by Emma of MilesAndEmma.com)

She is also a Jack Russel Terrier herder apparently.

Emmadale herds some Jacks. (Photograph by Emma of MilesandEmma.com)

And they obediently sat side by side while Human Emma and I ate some nachos on Granville Island.

Miles and Emmadale await patiently while we eat our nachos on a patio on Granville Island 🙂 (Photograph by Emma of MilesandEmma.com)

Did I say I made a friend too?!

Miles giving me kissies 🙂 (Photograph by Emma of MilesandEmma.com)

Miles showing some tongue when he cleans my face! (Please don’t tell his human!) (Photograph by Emma of MilesandEmma.com)

And prepare yourself for too much cute. This is hands down my favourite picture of me ever! (Photograph by Emma of MilesandEmma.com)

And of course Miles is the perfect gentleman escorting his new lady friend to her car!

Miles and Emma walking to the car 🙂 (Photograph by Emma of MilesandEmma.com)

Wanna be a Canucks fan?

In response to: So you want to be a Canucks fan? on Brown to Bure.

Dave – someone I’ve met on Twitter has written an excellent guide on joining the Vancouver Canucks bandwagon. We’re pretty much open to everyone joining our team’s cause. However, I think he’s missed one key point.

DO NOT broadcast the team that you cheer for on the regular season, especially if they’re the Toronto Maple Leafs. Although the same can be said for the following teams as well: the Minnesota Wild, the Calgary Flames and the Edmonton Oilers because we all know that the longtime rivalry between our teams isn’t going to be suspended for the Stanley Cup Playoffs.

Yes, we’re thrilled that you are cheering for our team on in the playoffs. We just like to poke  check. It’s fucking fun.

You should also bookmark Brown to Bure, if your a new or old fan. Dave does blog about insightful things about our team. And who knows, you may actually learn something. I certainly have.

Stanley Is Coming

The NHL 2011 – 2012 NHL Season has come to an end (at least abruptly for the Maple Leafs and their fans – better luck next year?). The Canucks have won their second consecutive President’s Trophy and I was there when they clinched the 2-point 3-0 win over the Oilers. I was glad to be there in person as a fan and a lover of the sport and the team.

I’m pleased that the Canucks’ season continues on into the playoffs and I’m confident that our team will advance to the Final series. To twist the words of the Stark clan, “Stanley Is Coming”. This cup will grace our city once again and be awarded to the greatest team in the league!

Here are my predictions for Round 1 of the 2012 NHL Playoffs:

Eastern Conference

  • In favour of the New York Rangers over the Ottawa Senators in five.
  • In favour of the Washington Capitals over the Boston Bruins in seven.
  • In favour of the New Jersey Devils over the Florida Panthers in seven.
  • In favour of the Philadelphia Flyers over the Pittsburgh Penguins in seven.

Western Conference

  • In favour of the Vancouver Canucks over the Los Angeles Kings in six.
  • In favour of the St. Louis Blues over the San Jose Sharks in seven.
  • In favour of the Chicago Blackhawks over the Phoenix Coyotes in six.
  • In favour of the Detroit Red Wings over the Nashville Predators in seven.

And there we have it Vancouver. Are you ready to commit regicide?! DOWN WITH THE KING!

Also are you interested in joining a Playoff Pool? Please hit me up for deats on Facebook or Twitter! Or in the comments!

My First Contest

Hello everyone, it’s me again. It’s time to dribble a few words together.

I’m holding my first contest.

What is it Anth? You ask yourself while I stroke my very fine nasal hairs.

Well, my friend. I need an about page and I hate talking about myself.

So this is the contest. You write a witty bio within 160 characters for my Twitter account. I’ll treat you to a coffee and an interview so you can write my about page.

Sounds good? Good.

The fine print: Please reply with your submissions in comment form. You’ll instantly be disqualified if you do not reside in the City of Vancouver (BC) and surrounding communities. I only can afford to pay for coffee and not extensive trips to your tropical retreat in Bahamas. If you don’t want the prize and still want to write a ridiculous “About Me” thing. I’ll allow it. I love a good joke. Points if I piss myself laughing.

Are you in? Are you ready to compete? Because it’s getting hawt in here.

Now I’m just ramblin’ a-long like a mad man that I am…