To Tattoo Or To Not Tattoo

I have always wanted to get a tattoo. I have heard both horror and success stories. I have always been uncertain what I’ve wanted to get and where I should get the work done. I have looked through design catalogs at various parlors. I don’t want something that everyone else has. I want something unique, something I relate to. Here are a few of my ideas what I want to get done.

  1. Captain America, HELL YEAH!

I’m a lover of comic books. I mostly collect Captain America and Batman because their so badass and stuff. I don’t want a modern version of Captain America permanently on my body forever. I want a Jack Kirby Captain America. How to make it uniquely Anth? Well to have him breaking through a brick wall Kool-Aid Man style going “Ohhh Yeah”.

Ideal location to put it? On my arm.

  1. Texameradian

Texameradian has been apart of my gaming and online persona for quite sometime. It’s a portmanteau for Texas, America and Canadian. While I’m not Texan nor American, they are my favourite places. And one day, I hope to be. I’m not quite sure what this one would look like. Perhaps I’ll give some artist the benefit of the doubt to design it for me.

Those are all I can think about. Do you have any tattoos? How was your experience? Do you recommend a parlor or even an artist? Or do you think I should get something else?