Stanley Is Coming Revisited Pt. IV

Eastern Conference Final Review

  • The Pittsburgh Penguins were battered in a sweep by the Boston Bruins! I totally did not expect this whatsoever. I was really hoping that this series would have gone a full ┬áseven. This sweep makes the Canucks being swept by the San Jose Sharks a lot better. Poor baby Sidney Crosby probably needs somebody to give him a hug tho!

Western Conference Final Review

  • I was in favour of the Chicago Blackhawks in winning the series against the Los Angeles Kings in seven games. They did it in five.

Stanley Cup Finals Prediction

  • I originally predicted that the Pittsburgh Penguins to be the 2013 NHL Champions. Since they were swept off their feet by the Boston Bruins in four games I now realize the second place team this year no longer has a chance nor did they originally deserve it. I’m in favour of the Chicago Blackhawks winning the series against the Boston Bruins in the best of seven games.