The NBC Boycott

If you follow me over on social media or know me in personally, I love television. I’m fascinated by the technology and mostly the programming. Scripted television for me outweighs it all. I’ve never been fond of reality television. I love this show called Community, I’m sure the vast majority of the global population by now knows of it’s existence. It’s one of my most recent favourite sitcom.

I was pretty nervous and on the edge of my seat last summer during the cancellation scare. It brought tears of joy when NBC decided to renew it for a fourth and final season. Sony who develops the show dropped Dan Harmon as the show runner. I’m on the seat and uncertain how the show will be when it comes back with new talent heading the writer’s room.

Now there was a report that the show has been delayed from its slot for its fourth season premiere originally scheduled for October 19, 2012. It has been delayed “indefinitely” and “will” return some point during the 2012-13 television season. I was hyped up about it’s return but now I’m just down right disappointed by NBC’s actions.

I’m not going to watch *any* of the NBC programming that I watch: The New NormalThe OfficeParks & Recreation, 30 RockParenthoodGo On, Animal Practice and Revolution. I was going to give Chicago Fire a try…. But…. No, not gonna do it.

The boycott will end once Community returns on television whenever that’ll be.

I’m not crazy, right? Have you boycotted a television network for the cancellation/postponement of one of your shows? I’d like to know!