My Airedale Heritage

I come from a very long line of Airedale Terriers… Of course I don’t think I’m one of them or am I? My love for Airedales stem from my Grandfather whom recently passed away. I miss him every day. It’s hard to heal from the grief over the loss of loved one. In his memory I want to reflect on one of our mutual loves: dogs. Specifically the clownish breed known as Airedale Terriers.

My Grandad growing up always had family dogs and if you’ve guessed it right: they were Airedale Terriers. Their names have faded from the history of time but he remembered their personalities. In his reflections I remember that they all had their own personalities. He always prided himself that they were the best all around breed of dog. They had a mind of their own.

My Grandfather served in the Royal Army (British) in the final closing year of World War II in Egypt as a dog handler. He trained German Shepherd Dogs and Airedale Terriers alike. I recall one story when we first got our Airedale Amie that he said “Airedales didn’t like the heat but their stoic creatures of habit and they’ll fight and guard through anything that throws at them.”

My Grandfather had a deep love for the breed that when he immigrated to Canada from the United Kingdom, married my grandmother and begun to start a family adopted their first Airedale Terrier named Bruce. They also adopted another later on named Raffles. I had memories of Raffles but they’ve faded away. I’m pretty sure it had to do with him not liking children unfortunately.

My Grandfather’s love for the breed was inherited by my mother who of course passed it down to me. ¬†We got our first Airedale Terrier Amie in 1999. Baylee in 2001 and then Emma in 2007. My grandfather told my mother and I that Emma was the best behaved Airedale Terrier that he ever knew.

I miss you Grandad. I love you.