A Dog’s Purpose; A Book Review

I have recently read A Dog’s Purpose by W. Bruce Cameron. I saw A Dog’s Purpose on the shelf at a locally owned bookstore. I picked it up and read the backflip about the novel. Intrigued, I read the first chapter and instantly fell in love. I knew I had to own this book and purchased it right then and there.

People cannot be surprised that I’m a dog lover. They’ve been apart of my life from the very beginning. In my twenty-seven going on twenty-eight years on this planet I’ve had six dogs. Rex the Doberman, Samantha the German Shepherd Cross and of course our Airedales: Amie, Baylee, Emma and now Archer. Dogs have been a major part of my life as you all have come to know in my previous blog entries chronicling my love for the Airedale Terrier breed.

I’ve never had a ‘favourite’ book before as an adult. I usually read two books a year since they’re sometimes up over a 1,000 pages each. However, A Dog’s Purpose is my absolute favourite. It reminded me of my relationship with my canine roots, my family, my pack. It’s an emotional story: you’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll love, you’ll experience joy — and if you don’t – you probably don’t have a soul.

Bruce Cameron does a great job in capturing the personification of a dog. The book follows a dog trying to find its purpose in four different lives through reincarnation. The stories are different and the dog’s purpose changes but ultimately it is to love their humans. The book was a refreshing read and I’m pretty excited to pick up the sequel A Dog’s Journey when it’s released in book stores in paperback.

Go read this book. I give it 5/5 stars.


My friend Matt has started something pretty cool here. I’m not sure if it’s been done elsewhere but I find it quite revolutionary. It’s a unique take on book reading!

So Says Sadorf

I received a care package from the Great White North, and among the goodies packed within was a new book for my collection.  An interesting looking book that made someone think of me and my interests.  If you know me closely or casually, then you probably have picked up on how much I love books and getting lost inside the worlds they contain.  Fiction or non, both have gripped me at various times each in their own fascinating way.

Another friend started reading a book series that I hold near and dear to my heart, and this made me want to read them again.  The only problem in this scenario is that those books were at the bottom of one of my many already read piles.  The gift and the desire to read those books, conspired against me to inspire a new experiment.

I went to work and let thoughts…

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