Save BC Film Continues…

BC NDP leader Adrian Dix was in Los Angeles meeting with production company executives on why they choose British Columbia for filming: it’s our world-class film crews and our locations. In British Columbia, production companies only receive 33% in payroll and labour costs.Any production accountant and production manager will choose the cheaper option and have their production filmed in Toronto or Montreal. The film industry is a multi-billion dollar industry here in British Columbia, commercial and other industries depend on the film industry.

Yet the premier doesn’t believe that’s the case. She says it’s not “sustainable” for our economy… Wait? How is it not sustainable when film brings in more business where they spend quite a lot of money? Not to mention local municipalities get extra revenue streams for charging film productions location fees.

Adrian Dix hasn’t said anything on what an NDP government would do. It’s pretty frustrating when politicians are politicizing people’s jobs. No one has came forward with an answer.

Come on Adrian and Christy!

Save the BC Film Industry

Please sign the BC Film industry petition on, here.

While a lot of supporters of the film industry here in British Columbia have signed the petition, I still encourage you to sign it. The BC Liberal government has been impervious on what they intend to due to provide competitive tax breaks for film production companies (they keep saying they’re going to do something about it but we still haven’t heard on what they plan on doing and we probably won’t until during the election or after election day and by then – it will be too late and thousands of British Columbians in the film industry will be without work). Your favourite show or movie that is filmed here spends a lot of money in both payroll taxes. Not to mention PST & GST soon since British Columbians were lame in voting against the HST.

They bring a lot of business to British Columbia and they generate revenue streams not to mention they employ a lot of people at a given time. Please take a few moments out of your day to sign.

Thank you.