2014 Men’s Ice Hockey Predictions – Qualifications Round



The following reviews the group stage results. Please note that in brackets is my predictions.

Match Day 1 – February 12th

Czech Republic vs Sweden 2 – 4 (1 – 2)
Latvia vs Switzerland 0 – 1 (1 – 2)

Match Day 2 – February 13th

Finland vs Austria 8 – 4 (4 – 0)
Russia vs Slovenia 5 – 2 (3 – 2)
Slovakia vs United States 1 – 7 (2 – 4)
Canada vs Norway (3 – 1) 5 – 2

Match Day 3 – February 14th

Czech Republic vs Latvia 4 – 2 (3 – 1)
Sweden vs Switzerland 1 – 0 (4 – 2)
Canada vs Austria 6 – 0 (4 – 1)
Norway vs Finland 1 – 6  (1 – 3)

Match Day 4 – February 15th

Slovakia vs Slovenia 1 – 3 (2 – 0)
United States vs Russia 3 – 2 (2 – 3) [Close…. right?]
Switzerland vs Czech Republic 1 – 0  (1 – 2)
Sweden vs Latvia 5 – 3 (3 – 0)

Match Day 5 – February 16th

Austria vs Norway 3 – 1 (1 – 0)
Russia vs Slovakia 1 – 0 (3 – 1)
Slovenia vs United States 1 – 5 (0 – 4)
Finland vs Canada 1-2

Predictions – Qualification Round

Slovenia vs Austria 1 – 2
Russia vs Norway 5 – 2
Switzerland vs Latvia 3 – 2
Czech Republic vs  Slovakia 3 – 1

Extra Life 2013

Last year I participated in Extra Life. I rose monies for BC Children’s Hospital here in Vancouver, British Columbia. BC Children’s is a Children’s Miracle Network Hospital. I had so much fun doing it last year playing video games, drinking soda and energy, munching on all the munchies for twenty-four hours.

I am pretty excited that I am returning to do it all again. Because kids should be kids. They shouldn’t have to worry about these sorts of things. But we don’t live in that sort of world that we all wished dearly we did. These kids deserve to have a playroom. To laugh and to share joy with their moms and their dads and their brothers and sisters and their cousins, aunts and uncles. Their granddads and grandmas.

That is why I am doing it but it’s not the only reason. A few months ago I lost a dear friend of mine. He was my inspiration to do this last year. He was involved with Extra Life and Child’s Play charities from the very beginning and encouraged me to get involved.

This year Extra Life is the first Saturday of November 2013. It’s the second. We have three months to raise $300. Last year I exceeded my $200 goal by raising $238.

People of the Internets, friends and family, Tweeps, FBers — please help me reach my goal. Do it for the children.

Click on the following link to reach my fundraiser’s page on Extra Life.

Thank you,


My 2012 in review


I started up my blog and promised to write more (oops). I got extremely addicted to Minecraft (thank you James) and built a lot of cool stuff.. I wrote my a blog post on my opinions about shootouts in NHL ice hockey.I tried throwing a contest but no one entered (cue waterworks)… I wrote my first blog post about a television series finale.. I think the show was called Chuck?


I met the owner and nephew of Internet Airedale celebrity Sunshade. Sunshade’s mom was an excellent source of Airedale Terrier info. Not to mention I absolutely adored Jaffa. We are like totally best friends now… I also debated about getting a tattoo… I haven’t really decided on what to get yet…


I picked up the third game of the Mass Effect epic trilogy. I made a funny picture for it. I also blogged about my opinions about the game too. My first dive into video game reviewing.


I tried doing a 2012 playoff hockey pool but no one seemed interest in doing it with me. I wrote a blog post about my 2012 NHL playoff predictions, boy how I was off the charts… I wrote another ice hockey related post in response to my friend’s post. Yeah.. I’m a dork, so what? I wrote a heartfelt blog post about a beautiful dog named Cisco being killed by a policeman in my adoptive hometown of Austin, Texas *tears*. 


I participated in a experiment conducted by friend, Madman Matt (teehee). 


I watched a lot of UEFA Euro Cup football. And I made some predictions. More predictions and again. I wrote a very angry blog post on dog owners that don’t pick up their dogs shit.


I went to Saskatchewan and since I didn’t have access to WiFi or 3G there I wrote a bunch of hilarious tweets. I posted a poem that my great grandpa Anthony Tyson wrote when he was a teenager before he immigrated to Canada from England. Emmadale and I I also happened to meet Miles and Emma of Miles And Emma internet fame! It was great to meet a fellow terrier adorer :). (Emma also found herself legs deep in a duck pond but don’t tell her I wrote about it.) I also posted a coffee soda recipe of my own.


I wrote a blog post about my experiences with the breed of dog I love. I know I didn’t blog about it but I also gained employment the week of my 27th birthday. I finally got a job in an industry I love: my first job as a production assistant in the film industry here in Vancouver. 


I wrote a blog post about my bucket list. My grandfather passed away at the end of the month. It was really hard.


I really wanted to write a blog post about my granddad. My granddad was also a huge dog lover and an admirer and lover of Airedale Terriers. So I found it fitting to talk about him and his love for the breed. And why I probably love them too. 🙂 I boycotted the NBC for about a month after they placed the television show Community on indefinite hiatus (this has now changed – all due to ME! lol…) I also discovered that Autumn is my favourite season of the year. I also did a gamer charity on behalf of the Children Miracle Network Hospitals and BC Children’s Hospital – I’m totally doing that again!

Sadly I stopped blogging much between October and now. Not a whole lot has happened in my life worth reporting. I do hope that I continue to blog again. How should I keep interest.

OH! OH! OH! There is one thing I forgot to mention to all of you is that we are looking after an Airedale Terrier puppy! We maybe keeping him but we aren’t too sure yet. I got to name him though! His name is Archer. I love him preciously. Emmadale loves him too! 😀

2012 The Anth Zone Playoff Pool

I have decided to start off my own playoff pool. I plan on blogging results on a daily/weekly basis with point leaders and so forth. Winner will get bragging rights and a guest writer spot on my blog so you can bloat all about how fucking awesome you are. If I’m able too, I’ll take the winner out for a burger or something but no promises there.

Who’s fucking in? Post a comment here or send me a message directly on Twitter or Facebook so I can get ya set up.

My Letter to My Amie Dog


It’s twelve years today on December 19, 1998 I became the luckiest 13 year old boy. You were the gentlest and the most loving canine companion a boy could always hope for. I miss you every day since I lost you in October 2009. You were my joy. I feel horribly awful how I treated you when we first got you. It was uncalled for. I was upset with my parents after they sent our German Shepherd Cross Half-Husky Samantha to our grandparents. It was understandable after my mother was diagnosed with asthma and it was difficult for her to breathe.

I know you forgive me, Amie. The Holidays are tough on me the most without you here to snuggle up with by the Christmas Tree or our long cold evening winter walks. You were the Lady Protector of the Holidays. You stood by that tree and gave your canine and hewmon siblings alike heck for closing in on the Christmas tree. I remember when we first got you, Julie put you in my ski boot on Christmas Day.

I enjoyed when your playfulness got the better of you on Christmas Morning. How you would assist EVERYONE in opening their presents and when it came down to you YOU wouldn’t let anyone near your most prized possession – whether it was your beloved violin that played Amore. You knew father HATED it. So you’d play your violin just to pester him. Oh, the fun you and I would have with that toy.

Oh, I miss you. I wish you were here so I could cuddle with you right now.

Love Your Boy,

Anthy Paws