Justice for Cisco!

I am heartbroken after I read this story coming out of Austin, Texas. This is truly sad depressing story: a man lost his best friend. On Saturday April 14th Michael Paxton and his beloved Australian Cattle Dog companion Cisco were playing in the backyard. Paxton ran to fetch something from his truck. At this point a member of the Austin Police Department pulled up and held him at gunpoint. They received a 911 call for a domestic disturbance call for the wrong address.

Cisco heard the commotion from the backyard and ran to see if his owner was alright. Paxton told the officer not to shoot the dog and he was friendly. The officer refused Paxton’s request. He shot to kill the dog instantly without remorse and without hesitation. I’m deeply appalled at this story. I have huge respect for law enforcement officials this however crosses the line. Of course they are humans so there is room for error.

However, they aren’t claiming it was human error and that the officer responsible for Cisco’s death acted within his rights as a police officer. 100% bona fide bullshit. The APD released a statement that the dog attacked the officer which the owner said is an outright lie nor did the officer show ANY sympathy nor apologized at the scene as they’ve claimed.

I really hope justice is served for Cisco and his owner. My heartfelt condolences go out to Mr. Paxton and the people blessed to have Cisco in their lives.

Please join the Justice for Cisco Facebook Page. 

To Tattoo Or To Not Tattoo

I have always wanted to get a tattoo. I have heard both horror and success stories. I have always been uncertain what I’ve wanted to get and where I should get the work done. I have looked through design catalogs at various parlors. I don’t want something that everyone else has. I want something unique, something I relate to. Here are a few of my ideas what I want to get done.

  1. Captain America, HELL YEAH!

I’m a lover of comic books. I mostly collect Captain America and Batman because their so badass and stuff. I don’t want a modern version of Captain America permanently on my body forever. I want a Jack Kirby Captain America. How to make it uniquely Anth? Well to have him breaking through a brick wall Kool-Aid Man style going “Ohhh Yeah”.

Ideal location to put it? On my arm.

  1. Texameradian

Texameradian has been apart of my gaming and online persona for quite sometime. It’s a portmanteau for Texas, America and Canadian. While I’m not Texan nor American, they are my favourite places. And one day, I hope to be. I’m not quite sure what this one would look like. Perhaps I’ll give some artist the benefit of the doubt to design it for me.

Those are all I can think about. Do you have any tattoos? How was your experience? Do you recommend a parlor or even an artist? Or do you think I should get something else? 

Overdue: Best Weekend

I just had one of the best weekends I’ve had in quite a longtime. I have been blessed with the friendship of great friends. We got together on Saturday night and played Texas Hold’em. Great times (An evening of screwing around with a buddy’s Siri hahahahaha) even though I was out of the game forty-five minutes into. Let’s just say, if I gambled and had a spouse: I would totally be in the doghouse… Or maybe even twice divorced… (I’m not bluffing either (SHADDAP!))

However this wasn’t the highlight of my weekend overall. I love the fellowship of my best friends. I have known one for 12-15 years and the others slightly over or under a decade. I know many of you have been made quite aware on social media or even in person that I’m a dog lover. I’m enthusiastic and I’ll always try to talk people in getting a canine.

We had quite the weekend here at the Wittrock Estate. First, on Thursday to Friday we looked after a Chocolate Labrador Retriever named Maggie. She was totally adorable and delightful to look after. I think when her owners dropped her off the first thing I said was, “She looks like milk chocolate”. I’ll admit, I probably said this in comical voice causing my mother and them burst into laughter. She was a total sweetheart. Emmadale and her played for the whole time she was here.

God, I loved throwing the ball for her. She’s such the retriever when playing ball. Emmadale has that mentality not to retrieve and run around playing keep away. Maggie wouldn’t have any of this so luckily we have enough balls to keep her going back and forth (all day long if it was up to her!). Emmadale has tried to have two balls in her mouth but she just can’t. Yet hysterically to watch. My mom looks after two of her friend’s kids and they had a hoot with the dogs in the backyard. They even chased Emmadale around in the backyard! She enjoyed that but since she’s a great spirited dog she dropped it for them to throw it again. 🙂

On Saturday Ben the Collie came over. This dog of course is no stranger to me. In fact a few summers ago when my sister wasn’t living on the East Coast was dog-sitting him one summer. Since she also had a research assistant job at a local university she had to drop him off here. When the time came for him to go back to his house. He’d come running down to my bedroom, plop himself on the bed and look at me to hide him. I was his accomplice, his P-I-C, his partner in crime. I think one night I threw my blanket lightly on top of him. When my sister walked in asking where Ben was. I told her I had no idea. Then when she got suspicious of the moving ball under my covers and Emmadale barking. I exclaimed “ITS A TRAP” in my best (yet very horrible) Admiral Ackbar impression. Let’s say we were made. My sister in good humor chuckled (she probably didn’t get the reference) and they went on their way. It’s been a long time since I last saw Ben so it was a total treat! However his story was pretty uneventful this weekend (sadly). However I did enjoy many many snuggles with him and watched the dogs play in harmony together (like dogs do).


I finally met Sunshade & Jaffa’s Mom (ghostwriter for her Airedale Terriers Sunshade THE SUPERDALE and Jaffman and Family). My mom and I along with a Superdale of our own (Emmadale, duh!) went on a road trip to the metropolis known as Vancouver Kitsilano (har-har). I have been following Sunshade until a fellow Airedale Terrier owner told me about the blog back in 2008 and I’ve followed them both ever since then. Sadly the SUPERDALE herself wasn’t in attendance but I got to meet the Jaffa! What a dog! Jaffa is quite the handsome boy and quite the character (typical for an Airedale). My mom, Sunshade & Jaffa Mom, the dogs and I discussed how lucky we all are about having these clownish critters in our lives. Sunshade & Jaffa Mom is the encyclopedia full of Airedale knowledge. While Emmadale was getting clipped we tried going down to Granville Island. We couldn’t find a parking spot anywhere so we found a White Spot to grab a bite to eat. We adventured the Kits area until we heard that Emmadale’s haircut was finished.

Then I fell in love.

Sunshade Mom’s friend Saphira Mom brought Sapphira. Sapphira is a very very cute three month old Airedale Terrier that I totally fell in love with. Sapphira is quite the dog and a smartypants for her age too! However, we were instantly in awe of each other. Since I’m a dogperson I sat down and while being ambushed by Jaffa (Emmadale was more interested in what my mom was doing – she’s a momma’s girl) I had a lap full of Sapphira. She INSTANTLY got comfortable. I have one of those laps where if a dog is a lap dog. They won’t leave even if I ask. She clung to me. My mom, Sapphira’s Mom and Sunshade and Jaffa’s Mom were all amused along with me. She was so sweet.

I want another one so badly but momma says no. “Dogs are a lot like potato chips, you can’t just have one.” (Unknown) So true!

I wished we could have arranged a play date with my two other favourite dogs, the Bernese Mountain Dog brothers Fenway and Bosley. However, I think Emmadale would have been tuckered out. And if we lived close probably even Maddie the Goldie!

Love Airedales? Please find your local Airedale Terrier Rescue Network and donate today! (And don’t forget your local SPCA too!)

My First Contest

Hello everyone, it’s me again. It’s time to dribble a few words together.

I’m holding my first contest.

What is it Anth? You ask yourself while I stroke my very fine nasal hairs.

Well, my friend. I need an about page and I hate talking about myself.

So this is the contest. You write a witty bio within 160 characters for my Twitter account. I’ll treat you to a coffee and an interview so you can write my about page.

Sounds good? Good.

The fine print: Please reply with your submissions in comment form. You’ll instantly be disqualified if you do not reside in the City of Vancouver (BC) and surrounding communities. I only can afford to pay for coffee and not extensive trips to your tropical retreat in Bahamas. If you don’t want the prize and still want to write a ridiculous “About Me” thing. I’ll allow it. I love a good joke. Points if I piss myself laughing.

Are you in? Are you ready to compete? Because it’s getting hawt in here.

Now I’m just ramblin’ a-long like a mad man that I am…

New Blog; To New Beginnings

My domain has expired so I’ve decided to move on to WordPress.com. I’ve only kept one blog post that I hold dearly to my heart about a pet that I’ve lost whom I shall forever cherish for the rest of my existence.

I’m not quite sure what I’ll be blogging about. I’m pretty sure I’ll cover a variety of subjects from my opinions on current events to rambling about how dirty the Boston Bruins play ice hockey. I’m sure here and there I’ll compare Stephen Harper to that of a persistent cold sore on your lower bottom lip that you’ve probably think it’s full on mouth herpes.

I’ll probably also make announcements such as winning tickets to a sporting event (Vancouver Canucks or even the Vancouver Whtiecaps) to what I’ve eaten at the Cosca Restaurant or at the HogShack (Oh Shit! I can’t forget to mention NOVO Pizzeria (Mmm Meatballs..) or La Belle Patate (Ohhh come to me poutine!)).

What else was I gonna say? Oh, right… there’s beer in the fridge… Later, folks!