My First Tattoo

It has been over three weeks since I walked into that parlour. At first I wast angst sitting on the couch in the waiting area simply waiting for my appointment. I wouldn’t lie that I thought several times just to leave the parlour and everything would be all right. I have heard mix feelings about getting tattoos.

Some people fear-mongered about them. That they hurt, that they are like a million needles, et cetera. I have heard all of them. Then there were friends that said they didn’t hurt and were more therapeutic.

In the end I went through with it. I have been contemplating getting one for the past decade since I entered adulthood.  I sat and waited. I got into the chair at 3:30PM. I told the artist that this is my first one. He was pretty understanding.

It took about an hour and twenty-five minutes. It wasn’t an ordeal either. At first it hurt like a sonofabitch in the first path hour. Then I realized it wasn’t that bad and eased up. I even joked around with the artists and the other patrons. Comradery. I was amongst fellow enthusiasts and I was only getting my first ink done.

The Tattoo Itself

Image The tattoo is pretty important to me in what it symbolizes. It contains the three things that I love the most: Airedale Terriers, the Canucks, and Vancouver (City and Metro Vancouver).  

The Design

Designed by a friend of mine. The design is based on the Johnny Canuck shoulder emblem of the Vancouver Canucks jersey.


So what do you guys think?

2 thoughts on “My First Tattoo

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