Emmadale & Anth Adventures: The Duck Pond & Friends

Emmadale and I went on an adventure to the Granville Island area in Vancouver today. We met up with a friend and her Welsh Terrier Miles for a play date. You can find our friends Miles and (Other Emma) at their blog here (Other Emma took the photographs :).  We were walking near the duck pond. Emma wanted to take a closer look and fell in. She walked in a few feet into the pond turned around and then froze.

Emmadale found herself in the duck pond smiling. Then she got a little worried! (Photograph by Emma of MilesAndEmma.com)

She was so scared. She only would move a few inches. So I kicked off my shoes, pulled off my sucks, hiked up my pants and walked in. Valiantly (if I can say so) I moved through the water closer and took her by the leash. She didn’t want to move so I picked her up and carried her out of the water.

Emma thrilled that she’s no longer stressed out in the water. Such a good girl!

She was so relieved when she came to shore that she bulldozed me. I tried taking her to a clean waterfall to rinse her off but she wouldn’t have it. I let her go and off she went playing with her Welshie buddy. She’s too cute.

Miles and Emmadale introduce themselves (Photograph by Emma of MilesAndEmma.com)

She is also a Jack Russel Terrier herder apparently.

Emmadale herds some Jacks. (Photograph by Emma of MilesandEmma.com)

And they obediently sat side by side while Human Emma and I ate some nachos on Granville Island.

Miles and Emmadale await patiently while we eat our nachos on a patio on Granville Island 🙂 (Photograph by Emma of MilesandEmma.com)

Did I say I made a friend too?!

Miles giving me kissies 🙂 (Photograph by Emma of MilesandEmma.com)

Miles showing some tongue when he cleans my face! (Please don’t tell his human!) (Photograph by Emma of MilesandEmma.com)

And prepare yourself for too much cute. This is hands down my favourite picture of me ever! (Photograph by Emma of MilesandEmma.com)

And of course Miles is the perfect gentleman escorting his new lady friend to her car!

Miles and Emma walking to the car 🙂 (Photograph by Emma of MilesandEmma.com)

7 thoughts on “Emmadale & Anth Adventures: The Duck Pond & Friends

    • Thank you for taking all the fantastic pictures Human Emma! I really really really love the picture of Miles snugging up against my face. I also like the one when Terrier tongue is in the process of reach out! lol

    • Jaffa is feeling a little jealousy his agility buddy got taken over by his girlfriend, and his girlfriend made another boyfriend. He doesn’t know which way to feel!!!!!!!

      So glad you guys met and had a great time!! At first, I thought OMG human Emma fell in when she took a closer look at the water lol!

      Elaine, Sunshade & Jaffa (Mile’s partner in crime, Emma’s bf)

      • Nooooooooooooo! Emmauman was safely on shore! Emmadale was the one that decided to lean forward.

        Emmadale wants you to tell Jaffadale that he has nothing to worry about. She hasn’t brought Miles any sticks. So he’s her special boyfriend!

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