I Dream of Canada by Anthony Tyson

My great grandfather (and my namesake) Anthony Tyson emigrated from Great Britain to Canada in 1899. He was also a poet. I love this poem he wrote:

I remember reading of Canada in our school books,

The land of rivers broad and deep,
The land where he who sows may reap,
The land where if the plowman wills,
He may possess the field he tills.

I wonder if I would ever be in Canada.

– Anthony Tyson

I’m not sure what the title of this poem is entitled. I’m going to call  it “I Dream of Canada”. My great grandfather moved to Saskatchewan and purchased a homestead. He worked the land until he passed it to my grandfather. My grandfather would marry his youngest daughter and would take over the farm when he returned from the Second World War.

I plan on sharing his collection of poetry. I really think his work should be on the repository of the Internet so his work will continued to be shared with countless others. He is why I’m proud to be a Canadian. I cherish my citizenry of this nation a lot more than when I was younger. I’m the great grandson of immigrants on my father’s side of the family and the grandson of immigrants on my mothers who came to Canada from the United Kingdom.

My great grandfather Moritz Wittrock immigrated to Canada in the early 1890s, I plan on sharing their stories eventually too. I’m proud of my family heritage, my Canadian heritage. We’ve marked our one hundred and forty five years young celebration this Canada Day.

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