Starbucks VIA Iced Coffee Soda

I have recently discovered something that I thoroughly enjoy. I can’t claim that I created the recipe or made it for the first time. However, I can say it’s one of my favourite coffee-based drinks. Of course I’ve blended coffee and coke before (who hasn’t? Really? So good!).

I thought I’d share my recipe with y’all.

1 Starbucks VIA Iced Coffee Packet
1 1L bottle of soda water (this can make two)
4 – 8 iced cubes (I personally like mine icy and put in 8)

1 shaker
1 glass


1) Pour 450ml of the 1L soda water bottle into shaker.
2) Place in ice cubes into shaker.
3) Pour contents of Starbucks VIA Iced Coffee Packet into shaker.
4) Put lid on shaker and shake thoroughly for thirty seconds.
5) Put shaker into freezer for 2-4 minutes.
6) Pour into glass, serve & enjoy!

This only serves one person and you can use the rest of the contents in the bottle of soda water for the next one.

Please note you don’t really need a shaker to enjoy this drink. You can place it into a glass and mix it in with a spoon. It really depends on your personal preference.

I hope you all enjoy this recipe! Let me know in the comments below if you enjoy it as much as I do!

Emmadale & Anth Adventures: The Duck Pond & Friends

Emmadale and I went on an adventure to the Granville Island area in Vancouver today. We met up with a friend and her Welsh Terrier Miles for a play date. You can find our friends Miles and (Other Emma) at their blog here (Other Emma took the photographs :).  We were walking near the duck pond. Emma wanted to take a closer look and fell in. She walked in a few feet into the pond turned around and then froze.

Emmadale found herself in the duck pond smiling. Then she got a little worried! (Photograph by Emma of

She was so scared. She only would move a few inches. So I kicked off my shoes, pulled off my sucks, hiked up my pants and walked in. Valiantly (if I can say so) I moved through the water closer and took her by the leash. She didn’t want to move so I picked her up and carried her out of the water.

Emma thrilled that she’s no longer stressed out in the water. Such a good girl!

She was so relieved when she came to shore that she bulldozed me. I tried taking her to a clean waterfall to rinse her off but she wouldn’t have it. I let her go and off she went playing with her Welshie buddy. She’s too cute.

Miles and Emmadale introduce themselves (Photograph by Emma of

She is also a Jack Russel Terrier herder apparently.

Emmadale herds some Jacks. (Photograph by Emma of

And they obediently sat side by side while Human Emma and I ate some nachos on Granville Island.

Miles and Emmadale await patiently while we eat our nachos on a patio on Granville Island 🙂 (Photograph by Emma of

Did I say I made a friend too?!

Miles giving me kissies 🙂 (Photograph by Emma of

Miles showing some tongue when he cleans my face! (Please don’t tell his human!) (Photograph by Emma of

And prepare yourself for too much cute. This is hands down my favourite picture of me ever! (Photograph by Emma of

And of course Miles is the perfect gentleman escorting his new lady friend to her car!

Miles and Emma walking to the car 🙂 (Photograph by Emma of

I Dream of Canada by Anthony Tyson

My great grandfather (and my namesake) Anthony Tyson emigrated from Great Britain to Canada in 1899. He was also a poet. I love this poem he wrote:

I remember reading of Canada in our school books,

The land of rivers broad and deep,
The land where he who sows may reap,
The land where if the plowman wills,
He may possess the field he tills.

I wonder if I would ever be in Canada.

– Anthony Tyson

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Tweets I Could Not Tweet

Tweets I could have tweeted on my trip if I wasn’t on the frontier of civilization and had wifi coverage since due to my unemployment I can’t afford my mobile phone… So here you go! (They could also be Facebook updates too!)

Guess where I am? @vancougmama’s fav place in the -world! Merritt!

I just saw a whole bunch of snow, who wants some motherfucking sno-cones?! Seriously a lot of snow!

Sno-cones for everyone! My treat!

Haha! *runs* I’m in Kamloops! Just passing through and waving my hands hello to @PirateMeghan @leannimal & @antiphrasic.

Made an Airedale friend at the Chevron in Revelstoke = life made. Good to finally have A GOOD memory of this town!

Four cups of coffee later…I’m still tired!

Goodbye British Columbia, see you in two weeks.

Hello Alberta. Do you feel me? Do you feel me inside of you? Alberta, I am sorry your hockey teams are shit! No really I’m not! LOL

Just finished 11/22/63 by Stephen King. Great story. Very happy with the ending.

In Calgary. Stalking you. Not you. The person behind you. Nope sorry I was wrong it was @superdalebot all along! Lol

Twelve hour Emmadale withdrawal feels like forever :C

I hate not having WiFi or 3G.

Goddamm this wasteland! I hope the Zombie Apocalypse has Internet or there will be dire consequences!

I wished that sixth cup of coffee had the following warning: You are going to have to pee in an hour, dickhole!

I love The Living Skies province! Especially at nighttime! Meteors! Stars! Moon!

They have everything here that people can be identified by huderites, hippies, hosers and you guessed it hipsters!

So Germany loss to a nation of guidos? Again? Grrr!

Happy Canadia Day! It was good to see all my aunts, uncles & cousins on my dad’s side.

Happy Christmas in July!

My seven year old cousin whooped my butt at UNO. Good times!

Happy Fourth of July, y’all!

So who won the Euro Cup? Don’t tell me. I PVRed it. Don’t judge me.

Remind me Spring of next year to buy myself a set of golf clubs so I can play with my family if I come out next year.

It’s been over a week and I miss my dog. Yes, there were dogs here but it made my Emmadale withdrawal worse I miss my doggie. So hard. 😦

Just took my 90 year old grandmother to her retirement home. She’s in better shape than I am! :$

Goodbye farm! I hope to see you again soon!

Just said see you soon to my elderly Grandma Tractor 😦

Goodbye Saskatchewan! See you in another year (hopefully).

Hello Alberta, can’t say I’ve missed you ;-p

I want to move to the Albertan foothills. Who wants to give me a million dollars? Buffett? Gates?

Mountains, you’ve been missed. Glad you didn’t go anywhere! ;-p

I’m back in BC! Beware the Anth is back!

God, the new Jalapeño Asiago Mozzarella bagel & Chipotle Turkey sandwich is fucking awesome at @TimHortons #omnomnom

I think they need to utilize nanotechnology to battle the pine beetle! Science!

Almost all people who drive a truck are dicks. I guess they don’t follow Mr Wheaton on Twitter. I need a haircut.

I could live in a town like Kamloops. Or is it a city? 🙂