2012 UEFA EURO Predictions

I know that Match Day #1 for Group A has completed today. I’ll still share my predictions for those matches.

Match Day #1

Group A

Poland 2 – 0 Greece (result 1-1 draw)
Russia 1 – 1 Czech Republic (result 4-1 win for Russia)

Group B

Netherlands 1 – 0 Denmark
Germany 1 – 1 Portugal

Group C

Spain 0 – 1 Italy
Republic of Ireland 2 – 0 Croatia

Group D

France 1 – 2 England
Ukraine 0 – 1 Sweden

I will post Match Day 2 predictions soon!

4 thoughts on “2012 UEFA EURO Predictions

  1. You stretching your neck out there in Group B. Two big upsets. Actually, I don’t believe they play extra time in the group stages. The Gemany/Portugal match could of the best of the entire round. B is definitely the “Group of Death”. Group A is a joke. I love my friend’s description of Group C – “The Group of Debt”. 😉

  2. @ Dennis: Yeah my friend pointed that out to me momentarily after my post went live so I modified it in favour of a 1-1 draw between Germany and Portugal. I think it’ll be the tightest game of maybe not just MD#1 but the entire tourney itself! Lol at your friend’s commentary! Pretty accurate there, I gotta say.

    @ Leslie: I try to be reasonable and realistic with my predictions unlike other fans! Of course I’m cheering on Germany. Both teams are tough clubs and they’re going to be putting on one helluva show!

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