What Grinds My Gears: The Morons That Don’t Clean Up After Their Dogs

I have been putting this off for quite sometime. I’m usually not a person that posts his inane    and random rants on the interwebs. Hey, I saw that smirk. Rub it off or I’ll rant about you next! ;-P My procrastination usually takes the better of me when it comes to updating my blog on a frequent basis. Of course, I have been making some horrible calls on my predictions in the UEFA Euro Cup contest. I’ve gone off topic (again). Let’s try this again.

I  have came up with this revolutionary concept, What Grinds My Gears. This new special category will be the repository for special issues that I believe we should have an important discussion about it let me be quite frank and rant about how awful it is at the same time. They can pretty much be anything that makes my blood boil like how my faith in humanity cannot be restored by the shitty things humans do. Or the stupid morons that don’t clean up after their dogs in our beautiful parks or off the fucking sidewalk. It’s fucking gross. Dude, just carry a bag in your pocket and clean it up. Your dog will love you for it. Trust me, I fucking know it. Everybody poops. Don’t blame it on the dog that you’re a moron. They want to hold the most conniving grin on their faces when we pick up their brown surprise. They’re probably deep in thought thinking, “Yeah I just totally made you my bitch!”

That’s all for tonight, folks.

UEFA Euro 2012 Match Day 3 & the Finals

So I’m only 1/16 so far but I’ll keep doing this because I love the sport too much! I was right about the football match between Germany and the Netherlands. I was sooooo close with the Spain – Republic of Ireland fixture. Gawd that fourth goal was upsetting…. for the Irish I mean lol

I have included who advances to the Quarter-final placements and the outcomes of their games… Including the semi-finals and the final finals ;-P

Match Day #3

Group A

Greece 0 – 2 Russia
Poland 2  – 1 Czech Republic

Group B

Portugal 1 – 1 Netherlands
Denmark 0 – 2 Germany

Group C

Croatia 2 – 2 Spain
Italy 4  – 0 Republic of Ireland

Group D

Sweden 2 – 3 France
England 2 – 1 Ukraine

Match Day #4: Quarter-finals

Fixture #1: Russia (Group A Winner) 1 – 2 Portugal (Group B Runner Up)

Fixture #2: Germany (Group B Winner) 3 – 2 Poland (Group A Runner Up)

Fixture #3: Croatia (Group C Winner)  1- 2 England (Group D Runner Up)

Fixture #4: France (Group D Winner) 3 – 4 Spain (Group C Runner Up) in extra time

Match Day #5: Semi-finals

Fixture #1: Portugal (QF #1 Winner)  2 – 0 England (QF #3 Winner)

Fixture #2: Germany (QF#2 Winner) 3 – 2 Spain (QF #4 Winner) in added time

Match Day #6: Finals

Portugal (SF#1 Winner)  1 – 2 Germany (SF#2 Winner)


UEFA EURO 2012 World Cup Predictions Match Day 2

All the fixtures for Match Day #1 have been completed. I haven’t been right with my predictions for UEFA Euro 2012 but hopefully something comes up that’ll make me even more than ecstatic.

Here are some of the Match Day #1 results that caught me off guard: Russia has a very strong counterattack and easily scored of their goals winning their game against the Czech. The Netherlands losing to Denmark 0-1. And the Ukraine beating Sweden 2-1.

Match Day #2

Group A

Greece 0 – 1 Czech Republic
Poland 1  – 2 Russia

Group B

Denmark 0 – 2 Portugal
Netherlands 1 – 2 Germany

Group C

Italy 2 – 1 Croatia
Spain 3 – 0 Republic of Ireland

Group D

Ukraine 1 – 2 France
Sweden 0 – 1 England

I’ll post my Match Day #3 and who’ll make the Quarterfinals on June 15th!

2012 UEFA EURO Predictions

I know that Match Day #1 for Group A has completed today. I’ll still share my predictions for those matches.

Match Day #1

Group A

Poland 2 – 0 Greece (result 1-1 draw)
Russia 1 – 1 Czech Republic (result 4-1 win for Russia)

Group B

Netherlands 1 – 0 Denmark
Germany 1 – 1 Portugal

Group C

Spain 0 – 1 Italy
Republic of Ireland 2 – 0 Croatia

Group D

France 1 – 2 England
Ukraine 0 – 1 Sweden

I will post Match Day 2 predictions soon!