Justice for Cisco!

I am heartbroken after I read this story coming out of Austin, Texas. This is truly sad depressing story: a man lost his best friend. On Saturday April 14th Michael Paxton and his beloved Australian Cattle Dog companion Cisco were playing in the backyard. Paxton ran to fetch something from his truck. At this point a member of the Austin Police Department pulled up and held him at gunpoint. They received a 911 call for a domestic disturbance call for the wrong address.

Cisco heard the commotion from the backyard and ran to see if his owner was alright. Paxton told the officer not to shoot the dog and he was friendly. The officer refused Paxton’s request. He shot to kill the dog instantly without remorse and without hesitation. I’m deeply appalled at this story. I have huge respect for law enforcement officials this however crosses the line. Of course they are humans so there is room for error.

However, they aren’t claiming it was human error and that the officer responsible for Cisco’s death acted within his rights as a police officer. 100% bona fide bullshit. The APD released a statement that the dog attacked the officer which the owner said is an outright lie nor did the officer show ANY sympathy nor apologized at the scene as they’ve claimed.

I really hope justice is served for Cisco and his owner. My heartfelt condolences go out to Mr. Paxton and the people blessed to have Cisco in their lives.

Please join the Justice for Cisco Facebook Page. 


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