Anth on the Chuck Finale

Warning: The following post does not contain spoilers because I’m not a douche. It just highlights my thoughts without going into much detail on the season finale.

Chuck lost and the Goodbye won Friday night as the action-comedy spy drama series Chuck finished its five season run. I want to thank NBC for their faith into this programme (Fox has given the same treatment to Fringe fans). It was on their cutting block since season two but they kept running with it. I wasn’t completely satisfied with the writing in Season Five until the emotionally driven two-part Series Finale.

This show certainly outlived its shell-life. Boy gets email from an old colleague peer, gets all these kick-ass abilities, becomes a super spy, uber hot chick falls for and marries him. It’s the wet dream of some thirty-something year old nerd still living in their parents basement (shut up, I’m only 26!).

I also have one question because I feel I may have missed something in the final fifteen minutes. Does Chuck ever get the Intersect removed for the billionth time?

Does anybody know where I can get the Intersect? 

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