My First Contest

Hello everyone, it’s me again. It’s time to dribble a few words together.

I’m holding my first contest.

What is it Anth? You ask yourself while I stroke my very fine nasal hairs.

Well, my friend. I need an about page and I hate talking about myself.

So this is the contest. You write a witty bio within 160 characters for my Twitter account. I’ll treat you to a coffee and an interview so you can write my about page.

Sounds good? Good.

The fine print: Please reply with your submissions in comment form. You’ll instantly be disqualified if you do not reside in the City of Vancouver (BC) and surrounding communities. I only can afford to pay for coffee and not extensive trips to your tropical retreat in Bahamas. If you don’t want the prize and still want to write a ridiculous “About Me” thing. I’ll allow it. I love a good joke. Points if I piss myself laughing.

Are you in? Are you ready to compete? Because it’s getting hawt in here.

Now I’m just ramblin’ a-long like a mad man that I am…


5 thoughts on “My First Contest

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