Look what I’ve been doing

Hello, I’m Anth and I am an addict.

I’m not addicted to any drugs or alcohol but something more a lot more dangerous and time consuming. Hell, I think I forgot to eat supper. Yes if you’ve guessed it by now I’m addicted to Minecraft. I like to build stuff on my own, or Hell – even with friends. I became acquainted with Minecraft by someone I truly call a friend. I am pretty sure he’s a contender for an Anthy Award for Best Enabler… I’m looking at you James, you bastard!


I got bored of my first single player world and wanted a little more of a challenge. I upped the difficulty (the mob is more scarier and as a lover of horror films, it makes me happy in a slightly disturbing way…) On Day 1: Like any other attempts at playing Minecraft survival mode you want to make yourself a shed. Which I’ve done. When I reloaded. I was like screw this suckers. I’m gonna build mahself a bloody castle.

A view from the very top of the castle's keep. Notice the iron bars? I like too.

From the Keep's lookout.

An internal shot of the top floor going out on to the lookout of the keep.

Another internal shot of the keep from the stairs.

A close up of the wood railing on the staircase. There are two staircases on both sides.


Just outside the keep's door.

Mah castle from the front view. Isnt it so awesome?!

4 thoughts on “Look what I’ve been doing

    • Thank you kindly, sir. I put quite a lot of hard work into it. Did you ever resolve your issues with that Minecraft server company? I never see anyone on your server so I never join it. lol

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