New Blog; To New Beginnings

My domain has expired so I’ve decided to move on to I’ve only kept one blog post that I hold dearly to my heart about a pet that I’ve lost whom I shall forever cherish for the rest of my existence.

I’m not quite sure what I’ll be blogging about. I’m pretty sure I’ll cover a variety of subjects from my opinions on current events to rambling about how dirty the Boston Bruins play ice hockey. I’m sure here and there I’ll compare Stephen Harper to that of a persistent cold sore on your lower bottom lip that you’ve probably think it’s full on mouth herpes.

I’ll probably also make announcements such as winning tickets to a sporting event (Vancouver Canucks or even the Vancouver Whtiecaps) to what I’ve eaten at the Cosca Restaurant or at the HogShack (Oh Shit! I can’t forget to mention NOVO Pizzeria (Mmm Meatballs..) or La Belle Patate (Ohhh come to me poutine!)).

What else was I gonna say? Oh, right… there’s beer in the fridge… Later, folks!

3 thoughts on “New Blog; To New Beginnings

  1. Cool! Well here i am – and incidentally i’m drinking a beer right now – a delicious Czechvar. Of course you know who would like to hear about COD and Minecraft!

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