My Letter to My Amie Dog


It’s twelve years today on December 19, 1998 I became the luckiest 13 year old boy. You were the gentlest and the most loving canine companion a boy could always hope for. I miss you every day since I lost you in October 2009. You were my joy. I feel horribly awful how I treated you when we first got you. It was uncalled for. I was upset with my parents after they sent our German Shepherd Cross Half-Husky Samantha to our grandparents. It was understandable after my mother was diagnosed with asthma and it was difficult for her to breathe.

I know you forgive me, Amie. The Holidays are tough on me the most without you here to snuggle up with by the Christmas Tree or our long cold evening winter walks. You were the Lady Protector of the Holidays. You stood by that tree and gave your canine and hewmon siblings alike heck for closing in on the Christmas tree. I remember when we first got you, Julie put you in my ski boot on Christmas Day.

I enjoyed when your playfulness got the better of you on Christmas Morning. How you would assist EVERYONE in opening their presents and when it came down to you YOU wouldn’t let anyone near your most prized possession – whether it was your beloved violin that played Amore. You knew father HATED it. So you’d play your violin just to pester him. Oh, the fun you and I would have with that toy.

Oh, I miss you. I wish you were here so I could cuddle with you right now.

Love Your Boy,

Anthy Paws